Millers Place - an Orient Makanplace
@11th floor JKG Tower Annexe block

Dine and entertain with ease right at your doorstep. Miller's Place is a 4,500 sq ft food destination. Here you can savour a unique, handpicked potpourri of local and popular favourites.

Set in a cosy and fully air-conditioned food haven, Miller's Place is located on the 11th floor of the JKG Tower Car Park Annexe Block. No expense was spared when it came to ambience and the interior design of Miller's Place.

We wanted to bring a unique dining experience to every patron - by bringing to life, a modern interpretation of an orient classic.

We hope you will have a delightful and gratifying dining experience, as much pleasure as we did in designing this new, exciting food destination for all you foodies out there.

Key Highlights

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